Cloud Assessment

Cyber Security Inc. understands the paradigm shift from on-premises deployment to Cloud based deployments. Whether software solutions are deployed on a third party managed hosted cloud environment or deployed on client hosted cloud-based architecture. Cloud deployments has provided the ease of accessing software applications which over the years has transformed on the preference of hosting applications, but as maturity in the process is yet to be achieved, we see lack of alignment between business, technology and security teams which result in failures or lack of effectiveness of utilization of cloud services throughout the enterprise.

At the same time “Do More” on implementing traditional strategy leads to high operational and maintenance costs. Therefore, our Cloud Security Analysts provide you with services from assessments to container security, to application API’s utilization connecting through firewalls. In order to manage cloud environment, we provide a complete, holistic mapping view of the cloud architecture to prevent breaches, threats and in the process make sure risks are mitigated.
Cyber Security Inc. specialists also help to devise transformation of your locally hosted application to cloud environment maintaining application integrity, data security and privacy.