Five cyber security tips for a start-up

Five cyber security tips for a start-up

With so many businesses switching to digital ways to do their business, it becomes more important to keep control of the latest security procedures and measures to confirm no data loss occurs. In the latest study by Gartner, it was found that ”90% of businesses that suffered major data loss gets closed within two years.”

We all know the importance of having cyber security for small businesses and especially for start-ups. However, it usually takes a back seat due to monetary concerns. The question here is that how can your business avoid being a victim of a cyberattack? Here are a few tips to help you understand new ways to protect your business computers;

Start with The Basics

Start by creating strong passwords and by scheduling a time period to change passwords for all business devices. According to research, “63 percent of data breaches happened due to lost, stolen or weak passwords.” So to keep yourself and your business safe from any cyberattack, you need a policy regarding strong passwords to be implemented across your organizational devices.

Being a cyber security consultant company, we recommend that SMBs should change all their business passwords every 60 to 90 days. You can also take advantage of a password manager application. Don’t use the same password on all your business devices. Because it has more chances that if one password is breached, the hacker will have access to all your other devices with the same password.

Use a firewall

A firewall works as the first line of defense against a cyber-attack. Besides the external firewall, it is important to have internal firewalls to provide further protection. You can also take Consultancy and advisory services of a reputable security company to get your employees trained and up to date about cyber threats. It is also important that all devices of your employees must have an updated firewall installed on their home networks and devices.

Draft a Security Policy

While small businesses usually operate by word of mouth and instinctual knowledge, the cyber security policy is one thing that needs to be documented. This is one issue that grows more unsafe as a startup scales, making data security policy ready from day one the best way to protect itself. The CSI consultancy and advisory provide online training, specifications, and related information to protect online businesses.

Back-Up Then Back Up Again!

Ransomware attacks have increased by 171% in the past year. Startups and small businesses can limit the threat of ransomware with a response plan containing regular, updated, offsite backups of crucial data and systems. Most of the backup programs run in the background and store the data safely offsite. Moreover, you need to think of a disaster plan in place for your business.

It’s essential to draft a step-by-step, comprehensive plan describing which systems get reinstated first, how long it will take, and who should do the work. Having this plan in place, a startup can decrease the impact of a ransomware attack’s down significantly.

Use Vulnerability testing to Identify Gaps in your Cyber Defense

A vulnerability assessment or penetration testing is performed to stimulate the potential vulnerabilities on the server, website, plugins, applications, and databases, without damaging your website. This test is performed to help you stay one step ahead of hackers. We are a leading cyber security company in USA, providing the best-rated cyber solutions to businesses around the globe.

These are just a few tips that are very beneficial in the journey of keeping your business protected. Don’t overlook taking advantage of cyber security solutions in USA just because of budget. Remember, a small amount of effort in the initial days of your company will make life enormously easier later on!

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