Managed App Sec

If you have a software application business with an objective to have extended capability to do continuous integration and continuous development, monitoring and managing risks and promptly responding with necessary action, security environment and perimeters, always be able to keep up-to-date with rules and compliances, Cyber Security Inc. will help achieve to do it “Just for You“ as your Managed Application Security Service Provider partner in business. Cyber Security Inc provides the appsec experts, latest technology, streamlined processes effectively covering your business needs, needed to efficiently identify exploitable areas and on apparent and non-apparent application vulnerabilities with the insight to help developers fix issues before applications are labelled as ready to go to market. With so many of companies claiming to do what we do the question remains, Are we the right one for you? Yes, we are! Cyber Security Inc have experienced and skilled professionals maintaining application security for you. Our professional team has diversity and depth in terms of meeting what is necessary to help understand and meet the security goals of your business and organization needs.
Cyber Security Inc. services include but not limited to managed firewall, intrusion detection, maintaining virtual private network, vulnerability scanning, anti-viral services. We always are flexible to choose remotely or on premises data centers for high-availability security operation centers with a designated experts who also undertake to provide training to more as and when requirements arise.