Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Inc. has a team of specialized professional who perform a comprehensive penetration testing. Penetration Testing a critical part of cybersecurity, commonly referred as “Pen Test” is the simulated authorized challenge performed on a computer system to evaluate the security of the system and is a complete and a separate activity. Cyber Security Inc. experienced ‘PenTest” engineers involve the use of attacking methods conducted by trusted individuals that are similarly used by hostile attackers and hackers.

Cyber Security Inc. engineers are trained to be highly skilled to able to perform all three levels of Penetration Testing based on client need or based on our understanding of the system. “Blackbox Penetration” test is conducted without any knowledge of the targeted network or the systems running on it. The Pen Tester here would have no knowledge of internal code or software and lacks any access to credentials or sensitive information.
Another form of Penetration Testing undertaken by our engineers is “GrayBox Pen Test” where some limited baseline knowledge of the system in form of lower level credentials, network infrastructure and application flow is known.

When asked to undertake “White Box Pen test” a simulated cyberattack at a system at source code level with highest access privileges is taken in account and the activity is performed and accordingly people with desired skill, knowledge and expertise are entrusted to complete this activity. The selection on the preferred tool is based on what suits to the client business need and requirement, however our preference to use a tool which is scalable, complete and more comprehensive to support our professionals to help thoroughly complete this activity.