Threat Detection & Response

Threats occur, the smartest, the most vigilant ecosystem implemented will come across a minor or major threat. The importance is not simply on identifying a threat but also on the capability to respond. Cyber Security Inc. works on all four all four methods Configuration, Modelling, Indicator and Threat Behaviour. The team working on this task are comprehensive and capable on the ability to recognize and detect threats transforming detection with ability to respond promptly. Breech of the environment, leads to compromising data privacy and environment or application security making the entire ecosystem vulnerable. Ability to find on any apparent and non-apparent weaknesses in third party plugins, hardware vulnerability and end user environment redundancies with open passages can lead to threats, compromising the data privacy.

Threat Detection is conducted through a specifically tailored approach for your environment and provides the mechanism for an automated response in case of any threat encountered. 

Our professionals who undertake these tasks are well versed with practice of analyzing the complete security ecosystem with a precision to identify any malicious or unwanted activity that could be or later would lead to a situation that could destabilize the sanctity of the network. However, if the threat does occur and is identified then all steps are taken to mitigate the risk, neutralize it from happening again and undertaken measures so it cannot further exploit on any vulnerability.