Threat Detection & Response

Threat Detection & Response

The sophistication of cyberattacks and threats these days requires a more proactive cybersecurity stance than ever. This ever-increasing and evolving cyber challenge demand that businesses need more effective monitoring to detect invasions, remediate vulnerabilities, and proactively determine for threat actors to make sure that your business data stays protected.

CSI threat detection & response services help you respond to the potential threats in advance to minimize or even eliminate the potential threats for your network or systems. We use a powerful set of advanced threat detection tools to neutralize the threat and remediate any damage.

Cyber Security Inc. provides 24/7 threat detections and monitoring solutions, that your current third-party protection solutions may miss. Using a managed approach to detect and manage any security invasion in your network, we take immediate action to take the burden off of your internal cybersecurity teams and to protect your systems and data round-the-clock.

Key Features

What Our Threat Detection and Response Service Brings to you

  • Minimizing the quantity of time between a breach and the moment it is discovered.
  • Enhances security against innovative malware attacks, counting ransomware.
  • Going on the counterattack as fast as possible.
  • Decreases detection time and the time required for remediation through policy-based automation.
  • Marks incidents and threat indicators based on their intensity to lead response.
  • Compares network and endpoint insight for enterprise-level threat visibility.
  • Works along with your current antivirus solutions without any bearing on endpoint performance.
  • Removing the forthcoming potential of a compromise disturbing your organization.

What We Offer

CSI addresses five areas of data risk management and enterprise threat

Threat detection and response:

We as a leading cyber security services company, provide our clients with a clearer picture of cybersecurity infrastructure and provide your operations team with insights to help them manage and protect crucial assets from monitoring threats to discovering and accelerating assessment of critical incidents, day and night.

Threat intelligence:

Streamline the collection, storage, and analytics for daily security operations center actions, threat hunting, and incident response.

Data protection:

Providing your program management with threat detection, monitoring, and remediation against unintended or planned data misuse and exfiltration, along with oversharing in the cloud and allocation of valuable data to personal cloud accounts.

Threat hunting:

Exposing threats that your workforce is unable to locate, along with analyzing the potential effects to speed up the remediation process on time. Our threat hunting team has years of industry-related experience and can actively hunt new attack patterns before the attacker could cause any damage.

Attack surface management:

Proactively identifies vulnerabilities, detects high-priority compliance and security issues, and organizes remediation efforts through service fingerprinting, asset categorization, and vulnerability scanning.

We are a leading provider of managed cyber security solutions in USA. Our professionals who undertake these tasks are well versed with the practice of analyzing the complete security ecosystem with precision to identify any malicious or unwanted activity that could be or later would lead to a situation that could destabilize the sanctity of the network.