Top 5 Cybersecurity Practices to Combat Ransomware

Top 5 Cybersecurity Practices to Combat Ransomware

From small-scale businesses to large corporations and to government entities, Ransomware attacks are haunting everyone. Even though these ransomware attacks can cause serious damage, but they are not unbeatable. Protecting yourself from ransomware needs an all-inclusive, proactive approach that brings your entire organization together.

Studies have proved that “43% of small businesses don’t have any kind of cybersecurity defence plan at all.” The good news is that there are simple steps you can take to reduce the prospect of getting attacked by ransomware.

Maintain Regular Back-ups:

Backing up your important data is the most effective way to get recovered from a ransomware attack. However, it’s always recommended to keep your backup file stored offline or out-of-band, so they remained safe from any attack. You can also mitigate risk by using cloud services. You can also get the help of cloud assessment services to verify the effectiveness of your cloud. Also, make sure to test the back-ups regularly. Especially, in the event of any cyberattack, verify that your backups are not affected before rolling back.

Put 3-2-1-1 Backup Rule in Action:

One more way to keep your data protected in case of a ransomware attack is by storing your data using the 3-2-1 backup rule. This backup rule is better than simply backing up your data at some offline place in your system. This approach will decrease the chances of an attacker getting access to your data by downloading three or more copies at different places, using two separate storage mediums, and storing one copy off-site. This also ensures that a potential vulnerability in any of those doesn’t compromise the other two copies of your backup data.

Develop an Incident Response Plan:

Creating an effective cyber secuirty threat detection and incident response plan is a great help to deal with the potential ransomware attacks. The plan must include roles and communications between the cyber security services company and your IT team to be shared during an attack. Keep a cyber security consultant company on your side to help implement security infrastructure that is robust enough to defend your networks and system in the event of a cyberattack.

Regular Testing and Validation

Building an in-depth security plan doesn’t mean that your job is finished. Testing and validating regularly will guarantee that your plan will work when you need it. Remember, a good plan is only as good as it is tested on regular basis. It’s also crucial to implement cyber security solutions that test to a non-disrupting, insulated sandbox or recovery environment.

Educate your Workforce:

It’s an open truth that often employees are the gateway for an attack. But this doesn’t mean to blame your employees – mistakes happen. Phishing attacks these days are so advanced that they even fool IT professionals a lot. And now with this flood of employees working remotely on their personal networks and systems, this threat of cyberattacks is worsening. To deal with this efficiently, you need the help of cyber security solutions in USA that will work with your workforce to educate them. Also, make sure that workforces know who to alert and what to do if they fall victim.

In the coming years, corporates need to take cloud assessment and cybersecurity very seriously and invest in it with sufficient resources. Following the above-mentioned security, a step is a great place to start and to stop attackers before they gain a foothold. Even if you or your IT team doesn’t have adequate knowledge in the security field, Cyber Security Inc. can help you get started. Take power in your hands to fight ransomware and flip the tables on cybercriminals.

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