About us

Cyber Security Inc. vision is to be recognized globally as a reliable managed app sec provider and in the process become your most trusted partner. We intend on leading the path towards digital transformation and developing ecosystems which in turn help on making applications through implementation of robust security solutions.
We have skilled and specialist engineers that will help you to develop, design and implement ecosystem, fully compliant to your business need for today as well as managing expectations for future growth to function as your valued partner, facilitating with the organizational needs for digital transformation. Our highly skilled and professional team comprises of Solution architects, Information security engineers, Pen testers, SOC experts and Network Engineers all are present as part of the team performing respective roles as needed to synchronize to your business requirements.

Cyber Security Inc. role envisions to be recognized as a security solutions provider partner. 

We select the right skilled professionals, the correct tool after analyzing the organizational business requirements to help enterprises protect themselves from a data breach, make applications less vulnerable to attacks whereas maintaining an environment with a good economic and reputational costs. Our primary focus is the completeness in terms of security of software applications. We understand on the modern-day complexity, due to a rapid technology advancement where applications complexity is increasing on being multilayered with amalgam of code written by 100’s of engineers. With extensive experience of working with enterprise applications in dozens of verticals, we know what it takes to secure business application software.

Our vision is to perform activities which are mandatory to safeguard your ecosystem, the existing infrastructure, visualizing and recommending change to your environment more robust, to rigorously check the software solutions from security standards to comply with the prevailing governing standards for labelling them in the process as the most trusted software solutions.

Our focus of business is not limited to any particular vertical but or insight and expertise is to ensure what steps are necessary, what prerequisites are to needed to ensure completeness towards attaining a status of a secure applications.