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Cloud Assessment

Cyber Security Inc. understands the paradigm shift from on-premises deployment to Cloud based deployments. Whether software solutions are deployed on a third party managed hosted cloud environment or deployed on client hosted cloud-based architecture. Cloud deployments has provided the ease of accessing software applications which over the years has transformed on the preference of hosting applications, but as maturity in the process is yet to be achieved, we see lack of alignment between business, technology and security teams which result in failures or lack of effectiveness of utilization of cloud services throughout the enterprise. At the same time “Do More” on implementing traditional strategy leads to high operational and maintenance costs.

Consultancy & Advisory​

Cyber Security Inc, Consultancy & Advisory Services perform various roles to facilitate complete testing of the true capability of your system working as both the attacker and defender to your system with common objective for a stronger foundation and securing of the environment.

Cyber Security Inc. has a special focus on Managed App Sec Services Where our specialists demonstrate area of weaknesses, vulnerabilities and compromised areas, and this is to prevent software applications from near ominous or distant threats. Our skilled professionals also point out on business potential security flaws and weaknesses and also align with the internal team members to help them develop security policies, identify business rules and streamlining of procedures with an ultimate objective to mitigate risks for the software solutions.

Digital Transformation

Cyber Security Inc. have learned through years of cumulative experience on customer site that in the course of any software lifecycle, technology demands are changing and limitless in the 21st century. New technologies, new CS languages, new requirements, new tools are introduced but a resonating constant which appears is a continuous need for applications to be updated according to the changing environment so risks and threats are outsmarted.
Cyber Security Inc. follow “Case Centric Approach” which enables it to help to mitigate risks for your business, in the process adopting to digital transformation that aligns your orchestration and automation program tailored to your specific business needs utilizing optimal resources.

Incident Response

Unfortunately, incidents do occur. Cyber Security Inc. goal is always to handle the incident in such a way that minimal interruptions to work occur and recovery times are negligible. All this and much more occurs due to an organized approach of management of the incident and addressing of the security breech. Our Incident Response team works with your management C-suite, Legal and IT Security team in principal and wherever needed involves HR team to follow on the written instructions and compliance to the detailed completion of the checklists to cover the incident in totality and proactively manage to prevent it from happening again. Cyber Security Inc. is well familiar to all the phases of Incident Response including Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery and Assessment.

Managed App Sec

If you have a software application business with an objective to have extended capability to do continuous integration and continuous development, monitoring and managing risks and promptly responding with necessary action, security environment and perimeters, always be able to keep up-to-date with rules and compliances, Cyber Security Inc. will help achieve to do it “Just for You“ as your Managed Application Security Service Provider partner in business. Cyber Security Inc provides the appsec experts, latest technology, streamlined processes effectively covering your business needs, needed to efficiently identify exploitable areas and on apparent and non-apparent application vulnerabilities with the insight to help developers fix issues before applications are labelled as ready to go to market.

Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Inc. has a team of specialized professional who perform a comprehensive penetration testing. Penetration Testing a critical part of cybersecurity, commonly referred as “Pen Test” is the simulated authorized challenge performed on a computer system to evaluate the security of the system and is a complete and a separate activity. Cyber Security Inc. experienced ‘PenTest” engineers involve the use of attacking methods conducted by trusted individuals that are similarly used by hostile attackers and hackers.

Cyber Security Inc. engineers are trained to be highly skilled to able to perform all three levels of Penetration Testing based on client need or based on our understanding of the system.

Threat Detection & Response

Threats occur, the smartest, the most vigilant ecosystem implemented will come across a minor or major threat. The importance is not simply on identifying a threat but also on the capability to respond. Cyber Security Inc. works on all four all four methods Configuration, Modelling, Indicator and Threat Behaviour. The team working on this task are comprehensive and capable on the ability to recognize and detect threats transforming detection with ability to respond promptly. Breech of the environment, leads to compromising data privacy and environment or application security making the entire ecosystem vulnerable. Ability to find on any apparent and non-apparent weaknesses in third party plugins, hardware vulnerability and end user environment redundancies with open passages can lead to threats, compromising the data privacy.