Consultancy & Advisory​

Cyber Security Inc, Consultancy & Advisory Services perform various roles to facilitate complete testing of the true capability of your system working as both the attacker and defender to your system with common objective for a stronger foundation and securing of the environment.

Cyber Security Inc. has a special focus on Managed App Sec Services Where our specialists demonstrate area of weaknesses, vulnerabilities and compromised areas, and this is to prevent software applications from near ominous or distant threats. Our skilled professionals also point out on business potential security flaws and weaknesses and also align with the internal team members to help them develop security policies, identify business rules and streamlining of procedures with an ultimate objective to mitigate risks for the software solutions.

Cyber Security Inc., consultants and advisors are always well versed with prevailing cybersecurity law clauses, mandatory requirements with complete understanding of the security standards and compliances necessary to safeguard and meet statuary requirements.

The team of Consultants, Analysts, Architects and Advisors works together tirelessly to render services utilizing breadth of cumulative experience in the relevant field to secure your application. Our approach as a consultant and advisor is firstly to empower developers to understand by meeting statuary standards, secondly, providing the visualization for security feedback where Code Security is no longer considered as realm of the security teams and thirdly, define and develop security policies and help businesses to implement. Throughout SDLC, the real value is embedded in the capability of the developers to write secure code whereas Cyber Security Inc. Consultants and Advisors will support to secure code written by developers by detecting deviations, potential bugs, vulnerabilities and security hotspots providing extensive documented scenarios for better understanding and comprehension.