Incident Response

Unfortunately, incidents do occur. Cyber Security Inc. goal is always to handle the incident in such a way that minimal interruptions to work occur and recovery times are negligible. All this and much more occurs due to an organized approach of management of the incident and addressing of the security breech. Our Incident Response team works with your management C-suite, Legal and IT Security team in principal and wherever needed involves HR team to follow on the written instructions and compliance to the detailed completion of the checklists to cover the incident in totality and proactively manage to prevent it from happening again.

Cyber Security Inc. is well familiar to all the phases of Incident Response including Preparation, Identification, Containment, Eradication, Recovery and Assessment. Our team initial effort is for classification of the incident, whereas initial support to specify on the service with which the incident is related, the team finds association of the incident to any service level agreement, it prioritizes and identifies based upon the business and also outlines on all questions that should be asked or for information is checked.