Top 5 Steps to Develop & Implement A Network Security Plan

Network security is becoming one of the most significant areas of concern for businesses worldwide. The convergence and increasing use of the Internet, extranets, intranets, wide area networks, microcomputer-based networks, and electronic mail have enhanced the security exposure of most companies. To protect your data and business from today’s adversaries and cyber security threats is a challenging endeavour. This needs a strategic security plan to protect your network from cyber-attacks. In this article, we have outlined the core components required to develop & implement a network security plan;

What Is a Network Security Plan?

A network security plan is a living document required to review the maintenance of your network security at specific intervals. This helps ensure that your network security is up to date with regulatory requirements and changes in the network’s topology. 

Having consultancy & advisory services as your security partner is always best. It will work as a helping hand with your IT team to implement network security more effectively. 

Steps to Develop a Cyber Security Plan for Your Company

Following are the key steps that are involved in developing and implementing a solid network security plan:

1- Assessment of Your Network Assets:

This is the first and most crucial step in developing a secure network security plan. A cyber security consultant company will help you evaluate all your network’s software and hardware components. This allows businesses to focus on the project and ensure the right assets are protected. Network assets may comprise network hosts like the systems used by employees or the data they have stored. It may also involve networking devices like routers or switches.

2- Establish a Threat Assessment:

The next step in the process is to identify and analyze the impending risks to the security network. A third party usually performs the assessment process of potential risks and threats. Many cyber security solutions companies offer threat cloud assessment services on your behalf. This process may take a weeks-long time, depending on your security infrastructure. 

  • The purpose of the assessment process is to provide you with a comprehensive report on the following information;
  • Detect and categorize the potential security holes in the network
  • Examine encryption settings on critical systems
  • Find network security weaknesses in database servers, files, and applications to decide patch levels.
  • Pinpoint flaws and vulnerabilities such as weak or default passwords used in critical systems.
  • Determine the sustainability of network defenders to spot and respond to attacks
  • Once the threat assessment is completed, the cyber security solutions company will compile a detailed report with identified vulnerabilities and recommendations to remediate them based on the severity of the findings.

    3- Develop a Security Policy and Procedures:

    The outcomes of the threat assessment will be used to define and develop a detailed set of rules and regulations to be implemented within the organization. This is the most crucial step in cyber security solutions for your company. In this step, the consultancy and advisory services expert will create a network topology diagram and set the rules to secure the different assets correctly.

    4- Raise awareness and educate your employees:

    Once you have outlined all the security policies, the next step is to educate your employees on using systems safely. Training your staff is vital to confirm that they understand the risks of a cyber-attack and can apply these policies to lessen their effect when they occur.

    5- Implement Security Controls:

    Now when you have all the set rules & policies for your team to follow, the next is to make sure that all these rules and implemented or not. Hiring a third-party cyber security company in USA is the best option to augment your security staff. They have experience working with many companies and handling different network infrastructures and technologies. Partnering with a cyber security service company can help your company implement your Network Security Plan more efficiently.

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